Ana Weitzman

Ana Weitzman brings 10 years of banking experience along with running Investor Relations and Bookkeeping for a total of 6 years at a real estate investment firm in LA. Ana began assisting us on May 15, 2017. When we learned she has a heart for financial stewardship we began the process of her being mentored and trained by David S. Reinders and Michael Weitzman to become one of our very own Junior Financial Planners; she is currently working on obtaining her CFP license. Ana has a unique passion for profoundly impacting people’s lives by helping them believe God has a much bigger plan for their lives through financial wisdom. She has been married since 2013 to her husband Joel and has two beautiful boys, Josiah, and Andrew.


She has loved serving at The Church on the Way Santa Clarita as a Young Adults Leader, Small Group Discipleship Leader, and simply loves spending time with her husband and enjoying her boys.