Financial Planning

Comprehensive Approach

Most people have more things to do than they have money to do them. In addition, most financial decisions are interdependent within a person’s financial life. Therefore, the first step in a client relationship is the development of a customized comprehensive financial plan that incorporates greater efficiency while seeking to eliminate gaps. This plan will provide context for future financial decision making and provide perspective to pursue future long-term success.

Professional Service

We charge a fee for our financial planning and investment management services. Professional fees account for 100% of the revenue for our firm. This eliminates the need to sell a commissionable product in order to get paid. It also allows us to go deeper than merely a person’s insurance or investments. We believe most financial goals cannot be accomplished solely by buying a financial product, which is why we feel a comprehensive fee-only process is more beneficial to our clients.


Perhaps the largest part of our client’s long-term success potential is the ongoing financial coaching we provide. People can join a gym and get benefits from working out on their own, or they can hire a professional coach to maximize their benefits by sticking to a fitness regimen. In the same way, we are a financial coach, helping people do more than they can do on their own.


We believe our clients are more focused on the benefits they will receive from our services rather than what we charge for the service. Therefore, we look to work with clients who we feel have the potential to financially benefit above what we charge for our service.