Investment Management

Investment Management

David S. Reinders, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor. We seek superior risk-adjusted performance. In an effort to manage risk, we use multiple levels of diversification which include using different sectors, asset classes, management styles, and investment companies. We may also use alternative investments and may use non-correlated investments to seek to further manage risk.

Maximum Selection

To improve performance, we start with a large selection of investment options. We believe maximum selection gives us greater ability to find good investments. We also emphasize peer-to-peer performance and seek to assemble portfolios of investment all-stars.

Active Management

Rather than a buy and hold strategy, we seek to change our portfolios as the market changes. Investments are made based on where we feel the market is headed and on what investments we feel will do well in that market. While past performance is no guarantee of future return and your results may vary, we do seek superior risk-adjusted performance.

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