Who We Are

David S. Reinders, Inc. offers financial planning and investment management services designed to help people do more than they can do on their own. Our services are delivered through a consultative, client-based approach designed to lead you to a more desirable future.


We seek to help people maximize their financial resources. Our goal is to enable you to have more from what you do so you can do more with what you have. We help you get where you want to go by putting together a detailed, step-by-step plan.


Our business is founded on helping clients work toward their goals through comprehensive fee-only planning. We understand that many investment objectives cannot be accomplished simply by buying insurance or investment products — but rather must be approached through an integrated understanding of the client’s overall financial situation so that we can assess their needs thoroughly. Only from this foundation can we help our clients make the decisions that can increase their level of financial success and help enhance their future financial independence.

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